Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Paul Robinson

If rumours are to be believed MON is about to make a 5m bid for Paul Robinson.I would love this to be true, he is a fantastic keeper that i think would play brilliantly in our team. I think he'll have talked to his very good friend Mr Carson and he'll say go for it you'll be 1st choice at a very good club going upwards.Scott will be gutted that his french waiter boss is putting such a high price tag on him but when you see that he wants 15m for rodders then 6m isn't all that much, I say buy Robbo for no.1 and Carson/Boruc/Kuzac for 2nd to fight it out with Taylor. Nothing yet with Bentley but hopefully if its just squabbling over 1 or 2 mil then both clubs can agree a price soon and personal terms can be met. As for Steve Sidwell I hope he gets something sorted out with Chelsea about his compo and apparently we've ''agreed'' an amount according to his agent so it should go through sooner rather than later.
that's all for now..keep the faith.
AVFC up the villa!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Starting to panic....

With our first competitive game just over 3 weeks away we have still to buy a player. Its rumoursville galore again and we should be used to it by now, every summer it seems to be the same. We all know MON keeps his cards closer to his chest than chris moneymaker at a WSOP comp and likes to deal late and I'm sure he's trying to pull out all the stops trying to get the boys who are going to try to make us a force to fear in the prem league next season. I just hope the signings start coming soon. I really hope we push for Bentley or Milner,preferably Bentley as I think he would be a massive signing for us and would show what direction were going in. Anton Ferdinand would be fantastic too, I could really see him and de de de de...Martin Laursen as quality centre backs. Paul Robinson would be a good signing too, he's made some mistakes and fallen down the pecking order but hasn't everyone made mistakes, just look at the current no.1 England keeper!MON would get his confidence sky high again and him with Laursen and Ferdinand we'd be solid. that's it for now,hopefully I'll rise for work and read that we've signed all 4 in the morning!!
AVFC up the villa